3 reasons why you should Shop local and reward yourself in 2021


“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local, and that’s kind of the same.”

Shop local has grown to be more than just a 2020 hashtag trend. It is, now, one of the easiest ways to invest time, effort and money into your local community.

So, whether you are purchasing from or referring local brands to your friends and family - you are creating an empowered local community which has the space to grow.

But how can such a small act can have a huge impact?

Because the power of referral is unlike any other form of marketing and can even change the future of economies.

Here are few reasons why you should make conscious decision to enjoy, share and support local businesses - 

  • Get more from your spending -
  • When you shop local, you are investing in the community. How? Here is the maths - For every $100 spent locally, $70 remains in the local economy and $30 leaves. The money which stays in the local community helps other local businesses, expands tax base and creates new jobs. And this eventually comes back to you in the form of better schools, parks, roads etc. A win- win.

  • Own something unique and exclusive - 
  • Big brands work thrive on quantity ; As much as they try to customize to suit the local vibe, the local brands will have an edge. Why ? Because they are naturally attuned to the community's style, work in smaller batches making sure what you purchase remains unique & exclusive. Just like we at, Ottika Canada, craft every product in sync with local North American taste, vibe and trend. 


  • You can't buy personal connections - 
  • We are after all social beings who thrive on connections. We all have stories we are wanting to tell, we are meant to listen, we have to be a part of. Ottika Canada, a family owned Canadian brand, vouches for the imminent role of community in their becoming one of the most trendiest eyewear brands. Their story is a testament that #shoplocal is all about dreaming, thriving, surviving. 

    So stop by, shop by and encourage local brands, like Ottika Canada, around you. Do your bit in forming a community you are proud to be a part of because 2021 is all about growing together.